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John Faulkner
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Tactic #1: Poll of the Week

First, I want to express my delight that the moderators are now posting more. Eva2k, you've got some real hard-working mods here, and it must be a real pleasure having them work for you. .

Now, this is the first stage in a series of new ideas that I will be proposing. Some of my more advanced tactics will have to wait, because great tactics take a while to craft to perfection, but here is a simple one to kick-start the process.

Poll of the week.

Why do people switch on the TV on a Saturday night? Because they anticipate seeing something entertaining. Equally, why do people load up the website I'm not sure, but if you had a regular poll, then that would really give people something to look forward to. Expectation is a key ingredient behind motivation and a poll of the week would really help to generate the expectation of taking part in exciting polls. Also, recall that in the distant past, there used to be a poll every week made by the moderating team.

Of course, I would just make the polls myself, but as far as I can see, normal members don't have this ability. So I propose that the moderating team make a poll every week and advertise it in some way. If you'r