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Man what a lame anime series...... compared to the manga that is...

Has anyone managed to get ahold of the manga??....
My god... its simply....... beautifull.
and very different from what ive seen.... (trigun maximum 1-6 raw)
but different in a very good way.

The story seams to be simmilar yet completly different ... much like sadamatos take on eva...
characters often seem to apear and die in different and suprising ways....

also where in the series Vash annoyed the crap out of me by crying every two seconds...... he is much more in control of himself while seemingly able to keap his morals in check..
and Wolfwood good god.... almost a filler character in the show is just as much "the man" as Vash in the manga.... and has quickly become my favorite anime character ever...
other things like fight scene's are handled both with a beautifull line and a savage blood soaked insanity that strait out shocked me when i first saw it....
remember grey the nine lives? (that weird ass giant robot wolfwood fought in vashes freinds ship)
.... well in the manga he suffers just about the same fate in the anime at the hands of wolfwood...
But in the manga he aint no stinking robot !....

The girls are suprisingly not in the manga much at all.... and seem to come in only when there is nead for some comedy relief.... but it works... and i like it better that way....
and costumes are subtly different to the point where you dont notice it at first but are that much happier when you do see it....
its strange how subpar the anime is to me now....
i could go on all day .... and i havent even got to stuff like how legato is in a strait jacket and locked in a coffin type thing and is caried around by this 8 foot tall bald women....
screw the anime give me the manga...
now if only i could read the damn thing ...-_-;

just consider this thread a place to talk about the manga vs the anime or just the manga in general
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Sigurd Fatima
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What's the best place to purchase manga anyway? None of the comicbook stores near me sell it. Maybe somewhere where anime can be bought right?

Note:And yes I know of the internet.
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I'll add more prase since baka mantis fergot some *punch*

The action is even better in them! sounds odd... but it's true... the fight scenes are waaaaaay more dynamic... (though mostly due to an ungodly amount of hip-thrusting) The action can be filled in from frame to frame the same way you would a storyboard. you can see the movements in your head!

And holy frick! the amount of gore in this... sheesh... why did they hafta tone it down??? POR QUE!!! I mean they better make a true to manga OVA or movie or something that just blows the series out of the water

oh and the covers... probably the best part of them. they all have a paper cover that is in color wraped around the thing like most japanese books do. well if you take that off... the cover under it is similar, but the comical brother of the outside. like it'd show vash all serious on the outside posing with his gun... thin on the inside he's punching himself in the face! or like people would be eating instead of fighting! it's insane and I love it! GET MORE DAMN YOU CONRAD!
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I guess that means more trips to tokyo town huh?
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Well, for those of you planning to visit L.A any time soon, there's a store there called OmochaBox that sells the manga for fairly cheap. I was going to buy it when I went but I can't read kanji so I got the art book instead. Vash seems taller in it and more serious. I like the magna, it has a totally different feel than the anime.
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