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I dont get it... Griffith and Caska's baby evolved in Griffith Reborn? is this guy the previous Griffith or just 'another' griffith? The real Griffith is FEMTO... so... how does this come into play?
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It is actually Gatts and Caska's baby. Griffith became Femto but still did not forget about his dream. He wanted to become King and in order to do that he had to be in human form. So he used the baby to become human (Griffith) once again. So now the child and Femto are no more, there is only Griffith.
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*is going to buy the manga as soon as he earns enough money*
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i thought it was Gattsu and Casca's (sp.) baby. but when Griffith claimed loyalty to God hand and became Femto "the wings of darkness", he then........well.........y'know..... forcefully raped casca. in turn from that, casca's baby was mutated, therefore becoming what it is now
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