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Product of a random thought...

So I went and saw 'Spirited Away'. The movie was awesome, of course, and I immediately wanted to have a picture of Haku for use as my avatar on several message boards. I Googled it up for a while, and I came up with this as my best image:

But it's missing something, I said to myself. Suddenly, a thought flashed in my mind. "Yeeesss....." I said, opening Photoshop.

And behold! The product of several hours of hard work, and of a random delusion. I honestly have no idea what compelled me to do it, but I'll be damned if I don't like the results.

Don't. ----. Him. Off.
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*cracks up* I love that movie XD you've done a nice job on the blood though ^_^
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Several hours? Yeesh .. well anyway it's very well done.
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Blood... Wyy.

I think what compelled you's called boredom and spontanus crazyness: They're two of an artist's best friends.
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