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Is Anime Anti-American?

We all know that among the many themes expressed in many works of modern anime are some rather screwy notions of geopolitics. For example: Absolute pacifism is a viable form of international strategy (it isn't), and that the UN is to be treated with an almost worshipful level of reverence. But perhaps the oddest of them all is the notion that the US is at best irrelevant and at worst an enemy. Shows like Blood Plus depicted an American president who was scheming to seed the world with artificially-created vampires so that we could later destroy them in order to increase our influence worldwide. High School of the Dead had the US detonate a nuclear warhead above Japan for some mysterious reason. And shows like the entertaining yet politically-naive Ghost in the Shell: the Second Gig, depict this country in a manner which is anything except complimentary. The US usually winds up being swiftly neutralized by the villains of almost any given anime in a single maneuver, as if we were nothing more than an afterthought instead of the most powerful nation on earth. Of course, to be fair, in almost all of anime, the JSDF is depicted as being pretty much useless as well. And what's more, anime shows set outside of Japan are almost never set in America. Has anyone else noticed this?
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I did notice that but then again the U.S. did drop not 1 but 2 bombs on them and then took away their ability to have their own military. I'm not surprised they hold a grudge but then again the U.S. Buys a lot of goods from Japan so u would think they would let that go a bit. Then u have the issue of Nationalisim...which is true for every country thinking they are the center of the world. I think what we see in anime as the "US looking Bad" is really Nationalisim at work. production wants Japan to look good when they can and they also have the US as a support roll when they can fit into the story and it makes sense. On the other hand, those watching the show in other countries expect their country to come out on top because of the subtle nationalism that every country exibits. When their country does not come out on's disappointing and makes it seem as though the Japanese (through anime of course) are trying to say " we are superior " when it is really not the case. googles of the world
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