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>< vid card problems

Ok tonight ive had a fre problems with my system.

It started with snow in a game i was playing. Then after a reboot or two my HDD wasnt being detected, then the bios wasnt installed.... the problems went on.

I removed the ram i placed in on saturday. Same probs.

I removed the vid card and put in an old one and all the problems went away.

However there is of course a huge difference in a $59 card and a $700 card in the quality of the games.

Ill be putting the A400GT into my old system and seeing if the same problems occur.

I have no idea if it is a graphic driver problem or hardware. But from the meger issues above does it sound like it is hardware?

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Woah! I've never heard of a bad video card causing those sorts of problems.

I've seen some bad drivers do some funky things with displays and cause problems with the o/s, but I've never heard of a driver affecting the HDD or the BIOS. Could it be something with the card itself that is affecting the motherboard, maybe causing a short circuit or something?
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snow can be caused by bad video card memory as well or bad drivers or heat as well

did you update video card drivers recently ? try an extra fan over video card or leave side panel of case off and see what happens
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hehe the card is the 6800gt equivelent. The fan on the thing already takes up one of my pci slots.

I put my old card into this machine and no problems at all as i said. Put that card into my old machine and there were video glitches galore even before the bios is finished doing its thing.

Once windows starts it is just like a really really glitchy vid card. I didnt even bother to install the drivers on that machine.

ill take it back as it is only 8 months old and see what happens. Ill have to build my pcie machine this weekend properly i think.

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Wait...was the problem that the snow appeared incorrectly, or that there was snow when there really shouldn't have been any to begin with?
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