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Can i just reinstal windows over an old install?

I have run out of disk space on my one HDD and have bought a larger one. However i dont want to have to reinstall everything from scratch.

I was thinking of cloning the 1 HDD to the larger one but then reinstalling windows over as i have a number of windows related problems.

Now i have Windows on C:
D: is free
E: has all my programs.

I have thought of doing some sort of install on the new HDD and renaming the drives. (running both drives together).

In short i want a 'clean' install of windows but i dont want to reinstall any programs.

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Installing windows over your current version will probably only fix your problems if they are caused by missing files. If your problems are caused by a virus they might still be there after you reinstall. If you can live with the current OS you can just add your new HDD as a secondary and just use if for storage. However if you want your 'clean' install you will have to reinstall your programs cause that's kinda what makes it a 'clean' install.

Hope that helps...
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Boo, i guess that makes sense. If i am doing a full install i may as well upgrade my system. I can wait a bit i guess before i do that.


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Unfortunately, the simplest,safest and most reliable fix for most "windows related problems" is the clean install (with drive formatting). If you opt to do this, I would also recommend that you install a removeable drive bay and specialize your drives into 2 categories ...

1. Primary OS drive (with apps)
2. Data drive

This has a number of potential advantages for system reliability and performance.

1. Since your drives are separate, you can tailor the size and speed of the drive for the best blend of performance to cost ratio ...


Use a WD raptor for your for performance (10,000 rpm sata 72/150 gig) can be had for relatively cheap (considering performance factor) ... if you can find the 36 gig raptor for cheap better yet.

Use a good 7200 rpm high cap drive for economical data storage.

With a multiple drive setup and at least 1 removeable drive bay (os drive) allows for a very convenient backup strategy of utilizing a 3rd drive (that is cloned) to be used in case of dire emergency.

Say if your OS goes bad (virus/bad sector/registry muckup etc) ... simply remove the OS "cartridge" (hdd mounted in removeable tray ... and insert in the fresh cloned OS with apps ... for all in intents and purposes, your system will then undergo a clean "brain" transplant in minutes.

Alternate (read) cheap method ... simply mount the cloned drive next to the OS drive in the case ... if you start to develop serious or unrecoverable system probs with your original drive, simply shut down the system, open the case and plug in the cloned drive (sata/power cable)... restart your pc and viola ... it lives.

Note that if the originating problem is some kind of virus or trojan that has found its way into your data drive, then exercise basic caution in how you activate your virus protection cycle. The safest that I have found is to use a disk based OS/virus scanning strategy as an initial scanning requirement.

Of course, this begs the basic question ... why not just create an emergency partition on your drive with the backup on it ...would this not save the time and expense of a additional hdd? Well, the short answer would be yes ... but at the question of drive reliability and the possible need for the usual proprietary "bootup" device in the form of floppy/cd/dvd/flashdrive which is used to jumpstart the OS switchover from the failing partition to the :new" one.

Personally, I have greater peace of mind and reliability with a totally separate (read isolated) fully loaded and uncompressed OS just waiting on the proverbial bench.
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Thats a pretty good idea,
The problem with my OS is that i had a power out when doing windows critical updates. System never worked quite as well again. A lot of porgrams claimed certain dll files didnt exist and would run. So i manually found and replaced what i needed.

However IE explorer doesnt work and a lot of programs seem to piggyback that. (Lazy programers i guess).

I think i might use my $900 from the gov to upgrade my system.
I need a new mobo/cpu/graphics card/ram

Will look into it over the next few weeks.


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samiam knows his stuff
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