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orochi X
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daily routine at AB

do other ppl have a routine they do when they go to AB? well i do first i got to these forums if they have any new posts

Bubblegum crisis
GUnsmith Cats
Other Anime
Computer games
Operating system and software
Forum request
Members only

and thats my daily routine at AB
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My routine (if you could call it a routine) is I checkout what's new and basically roam around.
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i just respond to what's been posted in (i get the e-mail updates) then check MO and chit chat. after that i'll generally check both eva forums, love hina, trigun, and if i'm REAAAAAAALLY bored the dragonball forum.
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First, reply to PMs . . . then I just go to the 'New posts' page, and open multiple windows of it so I can cycle back through all the new posts with one window and use the others to post a reply, or read a new interesting discussion . . .

. . . oh, I usually go to the Fan Art forum as well, to check out new piccies . . . can't draw for crumbs, but I can appreciate good art when I see it . . . ^^
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at the begining, and for a long time my ab "routine" consisted of poking around occaisionally, finding answers to specific questions in the series boards and reading any stand out threads. but never actually posting.

now, it consists of going to a bunch of forums (usually mistakenly), and posting on a slightly more regular basis
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I just cycle down the AB main page to all my regular forums, when I done, I do it again.
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Dammit Ferno, I keep thinking you're DrZepp with that Avatar. Way to leech popularity.

Private Messages
Mod Forums
Then whatever Anime forum looks good. I often just get stuck in the RPGs and never come out at all though.
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I mainly stick to:

Chit Chat
Bgc 2040
Love hina
other anime
anime fanfiction
and Members

Most of the time.
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First I got to Animefringe Forum to see if anyone posted, but typical most times it's empty.

Then I will go to the Mod forums and do my Evil doings with my fellow Mods.

Them off to the Eva Forums to do some light reading.

Then Members ONLY and Chit Chat and then I look around to see what else is new.

And that's about it.
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Free bar
Evangelion Chit Chat
Evangelion Discussions
Anime Fan Art/Images
Windows OS
Linux OS
Software Apps
Contact Admin / Moderators & Feedback
Forum Requests
Members ONLY
Chit Chat
...then fumbles randomly 'round
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Then I follow the list upwards...

After that I stumble around...
Evil is Good.
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Mercedes Dealer
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Thumbs up

these two...

Chit Chat
Members Only
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EVA fiend
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I usually check todays posts first..., then I go to the Evangelion forums..., General & Other Anime..., Anime Movies/DVD..., Members Only.., & Chit Chat....,
And yet more bollocks..,

"Touch not the pussy without a glove" - McPhearson clan motto ala IAL :P
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If anything new:
Anime News and Events
Software (except Linux )

Used to do a bit of Eva CC and Discussion, but that seems to have faded out.. And once or twice in the Music area. Oh, and GSC. Must get off my @$$ and watch Lain so I can join in there
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It depends... Certain days I know there is a good thread in a forum so I go to check it out first...

But I basically check the Anime forums first then move into MO and Chit Chat... If I get bored I roam around the other forums...
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