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Art Contest - Phoenix Lore Magazine, Ends December 18th 2009.

Contest Details:
Phoenix Lore magazine http:/// is a free on-line gaming magazine that is having a contest for one of their articles for the upcoming issue #3 and they need a picture of a holiday Catgirl (yes that's right, I said holiday Catgirl). Submissions are open until Friday December 18th 2009.
-All submissions can be emailed to
-The prize: The winner will have their picture published in our magazine, as normal full credit for your work is listed in the magazines credits section.
-You keep all the rights to your work and grant us permission for a one-time publication, plus permission to re-use the item should we do a compendium in the future, or for advertising purposes.
-Please include a real name with each entry.

Artwork Guide Lines:
If your interested the guide lines are as follows for the picture (although this is not set in stone and if you have a different idea feel free to submit it):
--Human type catgirl (normal human face and body)
--Cat-like ears (no human ears at all), either on top of their head on on the sides where a normal humans ears would be at.
--Cat-like eyes (slitted) and perhaps 'twinkling'
--Sharp finger nails that act as claws (although not to long)
--Dressed in 'holiday clothes' similar to what one of Santas elves might wear, complete with a classic X-Mas hat.
--Preferably she should be manipulating some magical energy or some sort (just misc magic) as it will be designed around a magical class, most likely a witch style one (Illusion, Transmutation, Enchantment, Nature).
--Carrying a red sack full of Christmas presents.
--Happy & energetic
--Color is preferred though not required, we have people that can take care of coloring.
--Background optional.

Judging the entries:
Contest submissions will be judged on the following points by Phoenix Lore staff members.
--Coloring (when present, but as noted before coloring is not required and will be taken into account on a piece by piece basis)

All submissions should be original.
IE: no fan art of existing catgirls. This is due to copyright issues.
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