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Can I get IPs from one hoster & hosting from another?


So unfortunately when I switched hosters about 6-8 months ago from shared to VPS, the company told me it was a managed VPS (trust me I asked b/c I am NOT a hosting person, I'm a netrepreneur) & it turns out, it's not managed. The owner admitted to me that it's not fully managed.

Yes they will do things you ask them to do, but they don't actually make sure the sites are up & working & that the VPS is configured properly. We have no idea what to tweak, set up, etc.

We have wasted soooo much time dealing with site issues every day, every week or every month, & we never had these issues before.

In fact my sites have been down more with them than in ALL the years combined that I've had sites since 2003.

At first they kept telling us it was b/c we had more memory in the shared environment than with the VPS, but that made no sense, as I'm a micro company with very little traffic, & nothing taxing is running in the background. Or it would be an issue with one site, but not the rest even though the majority of the plugins on the WP sites are all the same.

Now they are saying we need to tweak the THP Application (PHP handler) & we are now left wondering why this wasn't done or brought up before when we have had so many issues issues day in & day out. Plus they are expecting my website coder to do these things when he can't. He knows the basics about hosting, but he's never touched a VPS before.

So now that I'm definitely starting to lose trust in them, I'm going to have to start looking around for a new hoster which I'm not happy about. The issue is that I need multiple different IP addresses to keep my domains separate, & they have a really good price for them.

Can one pay for IPs from one hoster & pay another hoster for the actual hosting? We aren't even sure that's possible.
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