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The barrage of questions reminds me of those reporters crowding people. ::laugh::

Well, might as well fire some of my own questions.

Lee, I was wondering what equipment you use in gigs. I have a friend who's been researching on drum equipment to buy and it would be great to get some more "professional", to say, advice.

Also (a lot of basics I guess), when did you pick up the drums? Taken any private lessons? misc advice.


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Sorry for the delay

Dear Lee,

Sorry for my tardyness I don't get a chance to be active on these boards as often as I wish. I just want to say welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay and the fandom.
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Originally posted by daniel480
The barrage of questions reminds me of those reporters crowding people. ::laugh::
hey, honestly i thought it would be around 20 pages by now with a bunch of questions like "DUDE!!1 CAN I JOIN UR BAND??!!1"...

so ehh... Lee... does Boa new guitar player *nudge nudge*
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I have to ask, could your band kick Kylie Minogue's ass in a bare knuckle fight?

And what bands have influenced you because Duvet from what I remember sounds a little like My Bloody Valentine? Will you be touring the states any time soon also?
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Just wnat to post and say Greetings and welcome

Also to say that Duvet is one of my favorite songs. You all are cosmic.
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Originally posted by DrZepp
hey, honestly i thought it would be around 20 pages by now with a bunch of questions like "DUDE!!1 CAN I JOIN UR BAND??!!1"...

so ehh... Lee... does Boa new guitar player *nudge nudge*
Haha I think the poor chap meant "does Boa need a new guitar player?"

Anyways. My questions. I'll do one at a time so you don't get too crowded.

ba actually started out as a funk band and soon recruited Ben Henderson, who had played in the band "Doctor Sky" with Alex, on saxophone.
Would you ever consider going back to do a funk song or two? I'm curious as to how you guys sounded in those days.

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I have a question...

Lee, you mentioned enjoying cartoons such as Dr. Katz prior to your involvement with SE: Lain. Although I've never seen Katz itself, other work of it's director (Brendon Small) that I've seen leads me to believe that it's an adult animation comedy series. Does this mean that when you first heard about Lain, and that the creators were interested in commisioning BOA to record music for it, you were expecting the show (and thus the nature of the music required) to be more light-hearted in nature? And how did you feel when you first discovered the 'deep' nature of the anime in question?
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Do you ever feel like you've become type-cast as "the band who did the Lain song"?
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Along the lines of these two questions:
Originally posted by DrZepp
2. How do you feel about the single Duvet being widely accepted in the anime community, and do you ever get sick of hearing/playing it?
Originally posted by Stu
Do you ever feel like you've become type-cast as "the band who did the Lain song"?
I do not know how long BOA was established prior to its work with Lain, and what your fan base was like, so I wondered if you feel you owe a significant deal of your current popularity to Duvet's exposure and if that bothers you at all. Also, as I liked Twilight lots, do you have plans to release another album in the US soon?
Originally posted by DrZepp
hey, honestly i thought it would be around 20 pages by now with a bunch of questions like "DUDE!!1 CAN I JOIN UR BAND??!!1"... so ehh... Lee... does Boa new guitar player *nudge nudge*
You are shameless Zepp; the rest of us are oh so much more mature *struggles to maintain a straight face* But as long as you started it... "DUDE!! CAN I JOIN UR BAND 2??!!" Waitaminute...somehow I don't think they need a kazoo player. Darn. But I'm a talented kazoo player!
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Just curious

The 4th Inuyasha ending theme song Every Heart was or was not done by you guys?

Either case welcome.
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I wish I could think of something decent to say and/or ask...but the other guys here have really already covered anything I might be able to think of.

I guess I would ask(simply enough) if you had ever had any other experience with anime before Serial Experiments: Lain? Though I'm sure someone asked that at some point...

And if you guys are hunting for a new guitarist, DrZepp is indeed very very good.
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Welcome to AB, Lee
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Just like to ask you guys afew questions:

1) What were your childhood dreams and goals and what are your dreams and goals now?

2) How did the band form?

3) Have you guys every had any embarrassing experiences on the stage? If yes what happened and what did you do?

And I think Deeply is one of your best songs.
Thanks in advance.

Love you guys

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Love the song. It somehow fit the mood of the series very well.

I have some basic questions:

(1) How was it that your song was made the title theme? Was it planned, or an accident?

(2) Were you a big anime fan before your the song was featured on Lain, or later, or are you just kinda neutral?

(3) Are anime fans more irritating than the usual music fans?

Thanks alot.
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Wow, you guys own.

"Duvet" and "Twilight" are simply amazing, amazing songs I can listen to over and over again... not to knock the rest of your catalog at all, of course, but those are my personal faves...

You guys have a wonderfully melodic and haunting quality to your sound, and I dig that in a serious way.

I wish I had a question. I just feel the need to give mad props to an awesome band.

Keep up the good work.
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