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Thief episode 6

"Builds us a house of goodsie wood,
Frolicks us in the rivers and lakes.
Manfool's drive us underground,
and we watch as nature's heart breaks!"
~ancient poem, unknown author

A sound penetrated through the thick fog that now covered Garrett's mind, a small half-silent creak of a door opening, and footsteps barely audible on the stone of the catedral floor. Garrett's eye slowly opened, and it swivelled around in its socket, trying desperately to find what had caused the noise. The sharp steel glint of a small cutting instrument passed across his vision for the slightest of seconds, passing across the hole in the vines, and disappeared again. A small whimper escaped the thief's lips as a noise like tearing thick grass floated up into his eardrums, and then he felt his arms gain a little bit of slack from the vines. He heaved a sigh of relief as the rest of the vines were taken off of him and his heart began to beat at a steady pace. He looked around to see his rescuer, but his eye could not penetrate the darkness enough to make out anything more than a large shape.
"Who are you?" Garrett asked the shape. Its response was to walk a few more steps into the half-light. Garrett only needed to see the dark robes for a second to realize where he was from.
"Probably the last person you expected to be freed by" The Keeper said in a hushed voice. Garrett gave a little laugh. "I thought Keepers were not supposed to interfere?" he said, before turning his head to look around the chamber. It had not changed much, apart from vines growing over the door he had used to enter. Luckily there was another door leading out of the room, but it had an eerie glow coming from it. A flickering glow which gave Garrett a shiver.
"If it wasn't for brother Darius you would still be tied up here. I do not know what he saw in your rescue, as to me you are nothing but a renegade, but I respect his wishes. That is why you are free now" The keeper said, walking across the room and through the door. Garrett waited until the man had left before sitting against one of the pillars, thinking. /Darius authorized this? hmmm... Maybe he.../ His thougts were interrupted by a strange noise coming from all around him, like a cricket chirp. His fingers slowly reached up to the right of his face, and jumped back when the brushed against the outside of his eye socket. "I have to get out of here fast, or whatever those things are will waste a perfectly good rescue!" he told himself, forgetting his eye for the meantime. Supporting himself on the pillar, Garrett eased himself to his feet, and nearly collapsed again. It seemed the Trickster had spent a little time massaging Garrett while he was knocked out. Every bone in his body ached and it was all he could manage just to walk out of the room, but eventually he made it out into a corridor with an earthen floor and a decidedly outdoor feel.
Garrett slowly edged towards the end of the corridor which opened out into a large wide room, on two levels. He was on what looked like a balcony made from bark or a similar material. Groaning, he collapsed onto all fours, the effort too much. The thief contemplated what would happen if he fell asleep and didn't wake up again, everything would be so much easier that way. Breathing heavily, he crawled forwards a bit more and stopped as suddenly as he started. On a shelf next to him was a strange fruit that looked like a large purple pear, or maybe a plum. Greedily he snatched it from its perch and nestled himself against the wall, unsure whether to take a chance on its health value or not.
The words of Constantine/The Trickster floated through his head.

"I'm in charge of a superior brandy with the most...restorative effect!"

Back when he said that, constantine was trying to sweet talk him, so it would be highly likely that it was restorative, but it was still a long shot. Every variable flowed through his brain as he made up his mind, took the fruit to his mouth and had a small bite. An exquisite taste filled his mouth, relaxing him and almost making him forget where he was. This was sufficient proof for Garrett to finish off the fruit, and get dismayed when there wasn't any more. Slowly, he thought about getting up again. and went to ease himself with the same effort he used before. At the first push, he flew back to his feet and almost landed on his face. Garrett looked at his hands amazed. It seemed the fruit had not only restored him , but given him a boost. One piece.
"Okay" Garrett said, starting to regain his old personality. "Time to get out of here!" He silently made his way down the ramp, hiding himself in a nearby shadow when one of the local inhabitants wandered by. It resembled an ape in some ways, a rat in others. It was clad in a light suit of armour that seemed to originate from one of the first ages of the city. In other words, it was very old. The apeman didn't seem too caring about the value of his equipment though, running off down a torchlit corridor. The torches worried Garrett. /I can't put out a torch with a crossbow bolt/ he thought to himself as he rushed behind the creature and into another passage heading further in to the underground cavern he found himself in. /The Trickster must have a veritable gypsy family of his followers under his mansion/ Garrett thought, crouching down as two more apemen scurried past him in a hurry. After about fifteen minutes of exploring and finding an exit, the thief managed to find some familiar ground. Stone thudded halfheartedly under his feet in a relatively normal looking corridor. He was right sbout his guess too. There were huts carved into the trees in large clearings, obviously a living area for those...things that wandered around in there. Finally, the stone corridor ended in a ragged hole, which led him into one of the ground floor corridors of Constantine's mansion. Constantine had become careless after he got his prize, for the mansion had started to become overgrown by the nature lying underneath it. It freaked him out. Garrett hadn't seen this many trees in his entire existence. There were none outside of the city. at the end of the first age a war had left nothing but the City, some people, a wasteland and a whole lot of banished undead. This was a long ago, though, and only the keepers and the hammers remember it anymore. Keeper's because of the 30-odd books mentioning it, and Hammers because they used whatever they could to convince people of the Builder's existance.
Garrett saw that the front doors were shut and locked, but if he remembered correctly the mansion had a balcony as well, and he managed to find it. It helped that the mansion was deserted. All the humans must have been fired... or worse. The drop from the first floor was a rush, providing a much needed dose of cold air from the early morning frosts of The City, and the fruit's effects made sure he wasn't hurt any more than being slightly winded. "I have to get back home and get some equipment, then go and see Darius" he told himself, trying to find logic in what he had just experienced the following night. The ancient god was real, and he had taken Garrett's eye to prove it. Already Garrett could feel his other eye taking up the strain in its absence, he would cope. He was more concerned by what he had caused. After denying Darius so many times, never listening to the obvious strains the man had taken, Garrett had come down to the crunch and failed. The world now had very little time left because of his pig-headedness, andthings had not gone according to Garrett's plan. Garrett forced his mind to push all of his guilt aside for the moment, as he looked across the street at his apartment block, and when he saw no vehicles were coming, he went to walk across the road.
Sudenly the block was an inferno. His aprtment had exploded taking most of the building with it, thick greay smoke was being swept outwards by red tongues of flame. All of his equipment, all of his technology. His life. It had all gone up in flames. Garrett stepped forward slowly, as if in a dream he wanted to awake from. He stared at the ruins of his sanctum, and wondered if it was possible Constantine had missed anything, ANYTHING that could have resembled an ordinary existance to Garrett. He was still trying to get out of his stupor when another, even closer explosion sent a shockwave through the air, knocking hims down. Burning bits of metal flew through the air and nestled in the soft snow, slowly melting it. The final thing that Garrett could call his own, the car waiting for him outside, was in pieces. It sent plumes of smoke into the air, and together the two different scenes of destruction danced together, breaking whatever formed Garrett's determination. He got up, and staggered away from the scene, not caring where he went. He eventually ended up in an alley coming off of the street, and at that time the fruit decided to end its boost, leaving Garrett feeling weak and hurt again. He slid down the wall, hugging his knees up to his chest, crouched up into a ball. He wanted every thing to go away, he didn;t care any more, this was enough. As he bagan as a guttersnipe, he would end as a guttersnipe. He closed his eyes and went to sleep, trying to forget everything he ever knew or wanted to know.
However, his life did not forget him. The figure stood in front of his sleeping form, and smiled a gentl smile.
"So" he said . "He started off with nothing. He gained a life and an image. He lost everything!" The figure reached down and held a hand to Garrett's shoulder. "So it was written, and so it shall be done by us. Garrett is ready to be taught once more!" Darius gently hoisted Garrett's light form over his shoulder, and carried him back to the place that he belonged.

To be continued
She said "Do not hate humans, if you can not live with them then do at least do them no harm, for theirs is already a hard lot." She also said that she would love you for all of eternity.

-Alucard,the coolest vampire i've seen.
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Garrett moving up again! Yeah!
I don't know if it was me who read quickly over it (I printed it to read it in class), but I had the impression the first part needed some more detailed painfull, nauseabund(does that word exist on english?) description to finally get to the point where he semi-considers death as a way out.
And BLAM! Suddenly everything fits in place and the deep background comes to light. I didn't expect you to connect everything so nicely, you have a huge original solid universe there! Kickass!
Oh-ho, and now we're going back to the keepers' cave. But Garrett doesnot seem the one to turn into good boy easily... Will he go for the enigmass that still shroud his past? Read Thief ep 7 to find out! (Big fanfare)
Woo! Gotta get it on!
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