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Watch アニメ Online!

Hey everyone

I've recently been working on quite a few anime related projects, yet couldn't decide which idea to use as the base.
So here's my latest project - Watch アニメ Online! aka AMAi watch. ( )

Purpose and features:
  • A system similar to
    • Share and contribute Anime related media.
    • Watch and communicate with fellow members.
  • How it works?
    • Simply register, login, embed.
  • Disadvantages?
    • Sadly, we don't accept direct file uploads due to 2 reasons:
      1. Small monthly bandwidth (even with a dozen of terabites I fear it wouldn't be enough)
      2. Do copyright laws ring a bell?

Expectations and goals for the future:
  • Create a community big enough to keep the site alive and up to date.
  • Gather donations and offer a series of new features.
  • Offer a forum board fit enough to handle the community's needs.

  • Do you need any staff members?
    At the time being, no. But whether we'll be looking for some or not will depend on how fast the community will evolve.
  • Can I advertise my site there for free?
    Currently, it is planned to offer a free ADS service, yet that'll change if the community will grow bigger.
  • Are there any plans to change or modify the site's layout and some of it's minor features?
    Yes, the site's overall structure will evolve along side with it's community.

Guess that is all for now
I'm really looking forward to see how things will turn out. *crosses fingers*

Don't forget to tell your friends, as we need as many members as we can get!

Me, over and out. ( just in case. You can reach me via MSN if needed: )

P.S. Really glad I could find a forum offering a site advertisement section ^^

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