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As for myself ... IMO it comes down to two factors ... cost and speed of distribution...

Where the main advantage for the sub only release would be a much earlier release date for a potential market (hence the popularity of bootlegs)

... what would be nice is to have more legal options ... if the sub only were released at the same time as the bootlegs and there is a reasonable profit range for the licensed stuff then that would help to dislodge a thorn in the side of the anime industry... and if there was a significant reduction in profit dilution due to piracy ... then the costing factor could also be reduced ... thereby making the legal copy all the more more attractive than a fansub or bootleg.

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Distributors arenīt really marketing geniuses;

Consider the amount of people who are eager for the official release of their favorite titles.
Heck, I spend half my time chasing after bootlegs on eBay to get my hands on the likes of Last Exile and Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, then the other half of my time replacing them by the official releases when they do come out...........2 or 3 years after.
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The only way I can imagine watching anime is Subbed, so I would support it. However, I have a habit of wanting to get the most out of my purchases, ie, I always get a special edition if its available. Also, if my friends wanted to borrow a DVD, they would want to watch the Dubbed, So I am in two minds about it.

At the end of the day, I think I would support this and only buy the subbed DVDs, given the chance.
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Ahh the joy that would bring!
only problem:enjoying movie AND understanding it.
(a.k.a. ability to read subtitals and enjoy watching movie at the same time )
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