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Alcyone is just pure coolness. That's all I have to say. (I love the way her eyes are drawn in both anime and manga).
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hai hai
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couldn't stand her at first but towards the end of the first series when Zagato rejected her i felt sorry for her. and what happens to her in the end really sucked.
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Alcyone reminds me a LOT of one of X's (another CLAMP work, in case you didn't know ^^) characters, Kanoe. I like both to some degree, but neither are among my favorite characters.

Alcyone is pretty tragic, really. Here's this beautiful, seductive, powerful woman who falls for the wrong guy and screws up everything around her because of it. Ah, the things love can do to ya.
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That is pretty tragic, yet sad at the same time. Of course, I also kind of agree with Foxxe at the same time and that she is just put in the story to be a little first time battle thing that helps the girls get their magic and she is supposed to REALLY HOT!! Which, she is....
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You gotta love the Middle Age Woman!
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