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Those Who Hunt Elves 2

Just rented the first DVD (6 eps IIRC) this past weekend, and though I was only mildly interested in the first one, it's a positive GEM compared to the sequel, which I didn't like in the slightest.

Granted, the ending of the first one made a sequel possible, but don't you think that with as much as TWHE were feared by the elf population, the second it was known that they'd be on the loose again with legal authority to strip elves, that every elf would be checking every square inch of their body to see if they had a fragment, and then do their best to get these guys out of their world?

The characters are still annoying.

Airi's "Mysterious and always calm Actress who figures it all out just in time for the end of every episode" wore thin in the first season, and a repeat of it just makes me want to rip her heart out, feed it to the birds, and then shoot the birds..

Shrewish Celcia? Never saw THAT coming, no sir. Still mainly bickering with Junpei.

Junpei's still a boor.

Ritsuko (Ri-chan now) seems to be even more an extra than before, except for one later episode which I've already forgotten the plot behind, except that it involved vegetables.

Mikae is still a source of amusement I suppose, especially with episode 1. Not much of a character flaw possible with a tank possessed by a cat spirit.

Another character from the first season makes a reappearance in one episode, but I think he's not used to his potential.
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I saw a couple of episodes from the first series and concluded that this was just a contrived plot for fan service -- having to remove the clothes of characters to win battles just seemed to silly to me.

Does this ever get better? Is this supposed to be comedy (ala Project Aiko)? Maybe it was the mood I was in when watching it.
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Well, it's not 'remove clothes to win battles'. A simplified explanation is that a teleportation spell that was supposed to be used to send three humans back to their world was disrupted and the energy was somehow scattered and manifested as elf-scrift tattoos on the bodies of elves around the world/country.

But yes, it's a vehicle for fan service because only female elves had the tattoos- a point emphasized in the opening to the 2nd season 1st episode when there's a large group of elves, male and female, and all we see being ripped off are blouses and dresses, and the male elves are left clothed. (I assume it's because the original spellcaster was female)
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My roommate got the first disc. We watched it a few days ago, and so far, my feelings are about the same as the first season. It seems to have a bit more exaggerated comedy, but it's about the same as the first.

It's watchable and somewhat enjoyable, but that's about it.
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