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Crest of the Stars.. DUBBED

I'm trying to minimalize my ranting, but I thought I would sit back and watch Anime Unleashed on TechTV, well, Crest of the Stars was on and I got through about 5 mins of it. I'm not even going to debate the voices of the "actors" fitting the characters, the acting was awful, I mean Speed Racer awful. I can't even begin to describe it. How can reasonable adults making a product that they intend to sell to people let this get out into the world. It's the equivilent of me taking a nice new HP Proliant server (HP murdered Compaq) and take a dump in the case and put it in the rack and turn it on. And this is just when I was starting to go easy on dubs. It's more than just getting the lines right, the English actors need to take pride in their work.. this is Anime, not Superfriends. I need a beer.
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Oh yeah, the dub really was horrible. Orignall, i tried to watch the show when it aired on TechTV, but I stopped after 1-episode because of the horrible dub. Eventually, I borrowed the DVD's and watched it subbed and became a big fan. However, that's a different story.

Anyways, yeah, the dub really was bad. Even most dub fans agreed that it was very poorly dubbed. I watched the dub first, so I had no Japanese version to compare it to. Even then I didn't find the voice to fit the characters. Plus, the acting was bad, very bad. Sheesh, the voices seemed to be so lazy and monotonous when they spoke. I didn't feel like they were acting naturally with the role and felt more like they were just lazily reading lines off their script without reviweing it first. Thank god for the DVD's being hybrid. Otherwise, I would've missed out on a fantastic show.
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haha, yea, as much as i LOVE dubs, i have to say the dub is horrible.

btw, theres a crest of the stars forum
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Indeed, Fatal Outlaw. Indeed.

[Moving to Crest of the Stars.]
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jinto sounds older than samson
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Well, I guess all of you have a lot more experience with anime than I do because when I watched the TechTV airings of CotS I didn't think it was all that horrible. I think it did seem a little stilted at times, like people were pausing at odd points during sentences, but I didn't find it as painful as you seemed to. And I kind of liked Lafiel's voice though I couldn't really give you a specific reason why.

Why didn't I think it was so bad? I don't know. I haven't heard the Japanese version (and probably won't) so I can't make a direct, first hand comparison between the Japanese and English voices. Maybe I haven't seen/heard enough anime in both Japanese and English to be able to tell when the English version isn't good. I suppose if you've seen enough overall you can tell if the dub is bad even without seeing the original. I guess I can't tell yet. Maybe because I try not to make comparisons and just take each one for what it is. I'm sure I don't stick to that 100% of the time, but typically I don't watch something and plan on comparing it to other versions or shows or whatever. I watch it and if I like it, I like it regardless of what else is around that it could be compared to.

*shrug* I was just poking around the boards I don't always look at and saw this here so I thought I'd comment. And BTW, if you haven't heard already, TechTV announced that they now have Banner of the Stars I, the sequel to CotS, and it's scheduled to premeire on Tuesday, November 4.

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I generally dislike dubs when compared to sub, so I didn't expect very much.

So, I wasn't dissapointed. ^_^

It doesn't seem to be among the worst, but I've only seen the first couple episodes. It might get worse...
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