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Question Wondeful Days

Has anyone seen the Korean anime Wonderful Days? I was checking the website -> and it the artwork and animation looks fantastic. Though the synopsis on the site doesnt really give much away about what its about.

So can someone give me an opinion on this anime?
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Nope sorry, I don't know anything about it, but after looking at that website I will agree with you that it looks fantastic.

Seems that it came out in Korea in July this year sometime, so something about it is bound to be hiding somewhere atleast.
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I've watched it.

Regarding the usage of "anime" to describe it, there have been outbreaks of debates in a lot of places as to whether a Korean animation can be described as such. There is general consensus that "anime" should be taken to mean animation from Japan, which is why I did not post a thread regarding Wonderful Days on this board.

However, since I've been pushed...

Firstly, character design is a bit like Disney's latest films such as Treasure Planet or Atlantis (angular, lots of movement). Then again, there is no such thing as a "generic anime-style character design". BUT, the characters are pretty well integrated into their computer-generated environments.

Secondly, there is very good use of music, especially during the last part.

Thirdly, there is very good eye candy. (Which is the obvious point, from the website and trailers and stuff). Is it as good as "Finding Nemo"? Moot question, cos I haven't seen "Finding Nemo" yet, but I hear it is very good. [Getting OT, back to topic] -- Anyway, Wonderful Days definitely has the graphics and landscape to be epic. Most of the film is "noir" -- not a reference to the anime, but to the genre Filme Noir. There is a very black atmosphere, but it is contrasted by the "wonderful day" later on, showing that not only can this film go to drab colours, but also vivid ones.

The animation at times reminded me of Wolf's Rain, at others to Last Exile, and others Laputa, Castle in the Sky. My sister insisted that some of it was like Evangelion, but I don't think so.

One of the problems identified with the animation is the lack of depth. The plot does not go very deep (although in classical korean drama style, it does have something to do with the pasts of the characters). The plot is simple and straightforward.

The characters are boasted on various propaganda to be paradoxical entities (something about a rogue-like hero and a bad guy who is hero-like), but seriously lack the depth shown off by many anime characters.

Perhaps the time (1hr30mins) is a bit too short for the development? I felt maybe 2 hours and a more detailed plot and character development would have been better. The thing is, perhaps I am just a dimwitted person, but its a film you watch and then forget about. It does not provoke thought.

Now, for a comparison to similar CG-type anime: Alice, and Hoshi no Koe.

Nah, we'll take away Alice. It is demolished pretty easily.

Hoshi no Koe. There shouldn't be doubt that Hoshi no Koe's graphics do not surpass Wonderful Days. After all, it is a few years older, and significantly, was completed by a single person.

However, I am a bit too tired to compare plot and depth of both films right now. I need to think through it a bit more.
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orochi X
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Wel it sounds good, I am thinking of wether to buy it on DVD because the R3 version was recently released according to Kung Fu Cult Cinema and they had a scan of the front cover which looks fab.
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