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Eva Unit 02
(5/23/00 10:21:26 am)
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Fav Angel n Eva ?
Hey whats ur fav Angel and Evangelion unit? please explain.

by the way my fav angel is Zeruel cause it kicked ass , it Destroyed alot of Nerv HQ Sliced Eva 00 and Slice Eva 02's head and arms, Blown up Eva 01 's Left arm And looks weird.

My fav Eva unit is 02 Cause its Red and Suffered the most damage among all the evas .

( got bitten by gaghiel sliced by Zeruel dumped by Israfel Eaten by Eva 05 - 13 Shut down by arael stabed on tha head by eva 01 stabed on the head by Spear of Longinus
melted by Matarael's Acid . )


~ Eva 02 ~

Capt Jake
(5/23/00 10:57:43 am)
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My fav Eva is Unit-01 because it is piloted by my favorite character Shinji Ikari. It looks the coolest with it's two eyes, horn and devilish grin. Also the fact that purple and green go really well together is also good. It is the only Eva that is "aware" and has a conscious soul. It has a working S2 organ and has the most successful track record against Angels.

My fav Angel is Kaworu because he is the only Angel that actually talked. He proved that the Angels are not evil and was the only person who really understood Shinji. He was an Angel and an Eva pilot and he looks real cool with his white hair and red eyes.

(5/23/00 1:20:51 pm)
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My fav angel is that black eva thing, Ba????? somthing begining with B. my fav Eva is eva01

(5/23/00 4:46:51 pm)
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Re: ???
That would be Bardiel, but Eva-03 is under control of bardiel, not bardiel itself (hope that made sense)

my favourite Angel would either be Zeruel, Arael (the one that does the mind-beam on Asuka) or Ramiel (diamond shaped) for no apparent reasons, other than I liked the episodes they were in.

my favourite eva..............Eva-03, because i like the way it looks (shallowness wins again)

----"Gyaaa" -Penē

(5/23/00 6:20:26 pm)
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Re: ???
I would have to say fav EVA is Unit-01 it just seems to me that it is the scariest and more powerful. A demonic creation. And my fav Angel would be Kaoru because he is also my favorite character... but thats cheating because he is the ultimate character so I would have to say besides him my favorite Angel is Ireul - The Eleventh Angel, the nono machines one that attacked the Magi. It was designed to challenge mankind mind... each Angel was a test.. and in stead of it being a test of might.. it was one of intelligence... the EVAs were not even required.

Also Pen2 its better to say mind raping angel. Rather than mind beam... I think mind raping sounds cool.

(5/24/00 12:48:09 am)
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I would have to say that personaly my favourite EVA is Unit-00. It has many mysteries around it that were never really solved, why it tried to reject Rei and kill Gendo and why it did the same to shinji when unit-01 had no problem with Rei.

Kaoru would have to be my favourite Angel in the sense that he took control of an EVA and for his sacrifice at the end

AnThraX C
(5/25/00 9:02:11 am)
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Fav Angel, Unit and Char
Well, my personal favourite angel would have to be Leliel, cause the idea of a durach sea is way cool

I'd have to say UNIT-01 is my favourite Eva due to reasons previously stated (horn, looks, colours)

My favourite charcter would have to be Commander Ikari, dunno why, just is

Sorry I have'nt posted here in a while, been busy.
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