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Instant messengers: adding to buddy list through a webpage?

Yeah, saw on AB you could just click a few links and get to add someone on MSN instantly if you're logged in.

I'd like to do that for my website too, same for AIM, ICQ and Yahoo!, if possible. ^^; I'd steal vBulletin's script but I have a conscience (actually, it'd just be too complicated ^^; ).

Anyone knows how to do it?
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Never heard of it. *haha* Well I tried to do it on this board, the little box popped up, and my firewall caught something trying to connect, so I knew it was something in the html/javascript/vbscript. Might as well use it.

For MSN, here's the stuff, from the html:
PHP Code:
// plug these two object lines somewhere on your page
<object classid="clsid:FB7199AB-79BF-11d2-8D94-0000F875C541" codeType="application/x-oleobject" id="MsgrApp" width="0" height="0"></object>
object classid="clsid:F3A614DC-ABE0-11d2-A441-00C04F795683" codetype="application/x-oleobject" id="MsgrObj" width="0" height="0" codebase="#Version=2,0,0,83"></object>

// to add someone, use link:
<a href="javascript:MsgrApp.LaunchAddContactUI('')">Add</a>

// to message the person (open a chat window, I guess), use link:
<a href="javascript:MsgrApp.LaunchIMUI('')">Send a message</a>

// and use the person's email address 
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