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Sign of the end times...

So I'm at Super Target, buying TTT special edition for my dad's birthday... when what should I see...

Oh, a Cowboy Bebop: The Movie DVD.

Wait a second... there's a Cowboy Bebop series DVD next to that!

WTF? Akira?!

Full Metal Panic?



Yes, I am completely serious. They had an entire section of their DVDs, only anime.

Is this the beginnings of anime being truely accepted as mainstream?
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I've seen a wide variety* of anime being sold at some Kmart stores around Sydney. Yet whoever organised the layout of the shelves obviously didn't pay attention to the ratings on the box as we had EOE, Ninja Scroll, Akira and their ilk being sold in the childrens section.

*When I say 'wide variety' I mean a wide variety for a department store, meaning they had NGE and some of the more popular titles
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Hey, I've seen Urotsukidoji in the children's section before. Some fool obviously didn't read the label, but figured it was animated so it must be for kids...
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Well in JB stores in Melbourne they now have a Anime shelf and boy that shelf is pretty darn big with basically all the Madman titles available

I've also seen the Initial D DVD at sale in Autobarn among all the drifitng/racing DVDs, also the Myer and Kmart catologue has the Spirited Away DVD.
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I don't think anime is a mainstream yet. In time, when more anime titles are available on cable and when people get over the "animation is just for little kids" it will be a mainstream.
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Well, on the train home this evening I caught an ad for Initial D playing not once, but twice on the Street Vision screens at Town Hall and Wynyard stations. Of course the fact that the ad's mostly CG and at first glance doesn't look like a traditional anime could have something to do with it.
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Originally posted by Destructa
I don't think anime is a mainstream yet.
It definately isnt low key anymore...

In a class of mine some people were talking about movies... I had just seen this japanese film "Suicide Club" the other day (which is awesome... see it now *ahem*) and i said to my teacher "Ever watch any japanese films?" trying to segue into suggesting that one... Basically, the whole class erupted into an anime argument in half a ------- second.
My teacher was all like "Yo, dawg... I dont dig that anime sheet, cause yo, its corruptin us artists style here in dat ol' US o' A!" or something to that effect. Another kid was correcting the prenunciation of "Anime" (long or short 'A'). I tried to get in "No, i mean live action!" a few times, but had no such luck.

I do think anime has become mainstream. Im not saying that your moms and dads out there have seen it, but i bet most have heard of it, for better or worse. The next step is people realizing that 'anime' isnt a genre. We can call Dysney a ------- genre, because most of its movies are the same. It doesnt have offbranching porn films about psychotic boys jacking off over dead bodies, or space dramas hah.

Eitherway, my art teacher was right in some ways. The style seems to be invading our culture, again, for better or worse.
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My university's movie channel is showing "Millenium Actress" this month, so I guess anime is starting to get more exposure. Honestly, I don't see anime going mainstream until our generation (the one after the baby-boomers) turns 40 or 50 years of age. I know that my parents would completely ignore anime dvd's on the shelves, dismissing it as kids' stuff. Only when we are the major buying power will anime become far more mainstream.
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