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Peacemaker Kurogane

At first I thought this was another of those shows with an annoying brat who thinks he can take on anyone and as the serie goes,he does.

But this time it was different,instead of becoming an image of heroism and courage,he becomes confonted to the harsh reality of the world.And that I really like.

That and I love any series that involves the Shisen Gumi I do wish they kept all of the captains though (at least there'S Okita Souji)
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Yea, I'm enjoying this series. As you said, it's not your usual snotty-kid-becomes-the-buffest-right-away type series and that makes it more interesting. This is one of the few series' I'm keeping up with due to my busy schedule. That says a lot for this series given how much I was attempting to keep up with a couple months ago.
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I think this is a great new series and one of the only series i regularly watch. And my sister just loves Saizou, i think thats the pig's name
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Peacemaker's pace is a little slow, in my opinion, but I enjoy watching the series. (Up to episode 12 currently. Will watch ep 13 today!) The Peacemaker version of Saitou takes some getting used to, though, after watching the Rurouni Kenshin version which I think is cooler.

Favorite character: Sakamoto Ryoma. That cowboy-samurai with the dreadlocks. I was so surprised to learn that he is based on a true historical character. He's very... interesting.

Almost forgot to mention how squidge-worthy Hijikata is. He's a fangirl's dream come true! That smirk and attitude is so sexy.
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Watched episode 13. The ending kind of freaked me out though. Right when Okita-san appeared his pupils got abnormally small!! It's as if he saw the devil or something. This is turning out to be interesting as I am wondering what Testu had done in the past or what happened then. Hmm, now I am definately hooked on to this! I should start to read the manga.
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Uhg, I have some fansubs of this but I'm in the heat of watching Gilgamesh. I hope to see PK and get back to you guys. It looks good.
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