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Copycats!? Phantom of Inferno/ Noir

Alright, I doubt that ANYONE has played/watched Phantom of Inferno before, but I got to post this. There seem to be alot of similiarities between Phantom and Noir. For example, Ein (the Kirika-like person of Phantom) had her memory erased, and does not know anything about her past, just like Kirika. Physically, they both seem to look similiar, short hair, lithe, and sleek body (they both are so attractive dammit!!!). Their skills are also very similiar. Ein is also VERY good with knives as well, much like Chloe. The opening theme of Phantom sounds almost like Noir's ending theme at one point. In one scene in Phantom, Ein is in a shopping mall and is trying to assassinate this one guy. She's wearing one of those sun hat's just like Kirika wore in the 4th episode. Ok maybe that doesn't mean anything, but it could. There's plenty of other things as well, but I could probably write a good 2 pages on it, and if you haven't seen/played (its a anime dvd game, I picked it up at Suncoast) Phantom, you probably would care less.

Also, I know that there are many animes, and games that are similiar, so you don't have to tell me that. These two animes just seem so similiar that I thought the same creator may have participated in making them both.

Oh, and I just want to say that the story and characters in Phantom seemed better and more involved than Noir (Phantom's story is better).

Oh, and I forgot to add that Ein has a watch that played music (it was some kind of church music though) just like Kirika. THE SAME TYPE OF WATCH!!!! THE SAME TYPE OF WATCH!!!!!

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Phantom of Inferno WAS an H game for the PC, what do you expect? something original?
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So which one do you think that copy. Noir or Phantom of Inforno?
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Phatom of Inferno came first.

It was released as a Windows CD game before Noir.

The DVD VERSION was released about the same time as Noir, though.

This FAQ briefly tells the difference between the DVD and CD version.
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ive had Phantom of Inferno for almost a year to me it seemes like they copied them because Phantom was in the US one year before Noir.

and yes i would also like to coment on the simlarities between Ein and kirka..they do seem very simalar. Also Meriel(Sp.) reminds me a little of the older Cal.

but there is something you have to Noir ..the two girls were the main characters..more kirka than merile it seems. IN Phantom of Inferno the main character was a boy named Zwei ( i forgot his real name )

anywho ..both are good entertainment wise..its just that Phantom of Inferno had a whole lot more reading..

anywho..thats my two cents
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Phantom of Inferno will finally be released in Jp

Not that anyone cares, but, currently, there are 2 "animes" that hold supreme in my household. They are 1)Fruits Basket, and 2)Phantom of Inferno. No other anime has seemed to captivate me in pure awe as these two have.

Well, they're finally making a OVA based on the Dvd version of Phantom of Inferno, due to arrive in late Febuary (in Jpan). They have an official website for it here, though there is not much on it yet:

It's in japanese as well, obviously. I can personally say, that the story itself is extremely better than Noir's is.
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