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Argent Soma

Help me here! Has anyone heard about this?! (I have...BUT...)

I need links! Somewhere -- ANYWHERE... I'm desperate. ;_; There are no pages on it and it's like, insanely popular in Japan! It'd be great if I could READ Japanese but... argh. English info pages? Anyone?

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Well, i unfortunately don't know of any website (not that i've searched very hard ) but i have currently seen up to episode 6 and i love it.

<cheers>Go Extra-1!</cheers>

Well, if you wan't some info maybe i could give it to you myself. (heck, with even some more time i could do a page with screenshots and info^^; )
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Quick Synopsis:

Giant aliens come from outer space and start blowing crap up. An organization called 'Morgue' obtains the remnents of a destroyed alien, and create their own 'Frankenstein", using the various parts. Then all this other crap happens. The end.

*cough cough*

Sorry, I've only seen up to episode 9, but I must say it's not too bad, and I rather like it. Reminiscent of 'the Iron Giant' though ^_^
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