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has anyone heard of it??i saw the previews of it on one of my vhs' and i wana know if anyone has seen it or heard of it?
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Its kinda nice, a bit whiney at times. Especially from the main character, one of those Shinji thing, you know like, I don't want but I have to save the earth. Good actionscenes, good animation, but character are a bit shallow and really stupid in storyline I think. But I have only seen like 2 or 3 eps. I Don't think there is anymore than that, cause I can't find it anywhere.
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There were only 2 episodes made of the Iczer Girl Iczelion series..., but that in itself was the third part to another two series..., Fight! Iczer-1, and Adventure! Iczer-3...,

Fight!! Iczer-1 is a 3 part OAV, originally released in 1985/6..., it's about an alien/android who comes to earth looking for a partner to help her defeat her own race who are threatening the earth with extinction...,

Adventure!! Iczer-3 is a 6 part OAV, originally released in 1990.., set a century (or two) after the events depicted in the first series..., & has a similar plot, except that Iczer-1's little sister is the one sent to earth to defend it...,

Iczer Girl Iczelion - none of the Iczer sisters are involved in this..., this time sentient suits of Iczelion armour are sent to earth, & with the help of 4 earth girls, they protect the earth...,

Of all the series, I think Fight!! Iczer-1 is the best..., the storyline is quite dark, & tragic, & I love the main character Iczer-1...,
And yet more bollocks..,

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