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Nadia: Secret of Blue Water

I'm sure there has been threads on this before.

Anyone here seen Nadia: Secret of Blue water. Since Atlantis was released, there has been much interest in this series in America. It took them 11-12 Damn years, but they finally brought the series over in official dubbed and subtitled.

Its too bad that it had to be released AFTER that Disney Atlantis movie. Now people might see Nadia and think it was a ripoff of Atlantis. Thankfully the tape has the clear 1989 Copyright.

I heard some deadly rumors that an edited Nadia might be showing on TV, since some stations are saying they are interested in it.

Anyway, I found the first tape at a Tower Video store. I had a gift card, so I decided to buy it there. They only had one copy of Volume 1, and it was a dub unfortunatly. I usually don't have much against dubs, I usually buy them since they are cheaper, but Nadia is the same price for both, so I was hoping to get he subbed, but they didn't have them.

I though the first 4 episodes were pretty good. Anyone seen all 39 Episodes?
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Seen the first sixteen. It's worth your while to continue. It'll be interesting to see how they mangle it for TV if some network picks it up. It may look like a kid's show, but in classic anime style, things quickly turn serious. People dying, an' all that. As a plus for fans of Hideki Anno, you can see what he was doing before he went insane. I reccomend it to all.

And just for the record, Nadia slaughters Atlantis in every way.
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I saw the first four eps. on tape, subbed. I liked it, but it didn't blow me away. It's Gainax so of course it's above par, but so far it's a little predictable methinks. Nadia is an awesome character, but so far I haven't liked too many of the other character designs.

Speaking of which, am I the only one who thinks that Grandis and her little group of thugs were the obvious predecessor for Pokemon's Team Rocket???????
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