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Anime All Out Showdown- The Anime movie

This is my first fan fic. Try to not to judge too harshly and it's just the very very beginning. I just want to see if anyone wants me to continue on before I go too far.

Anime All Out Blast- The Anime Movie

By: Terence Fitzgerald

Part 1- Giant Robots and Politics

Why the crap did I wake up today.

The reason, you’re probably asking, is because my new anime DVD is coming in the mail and so I call my friends over. My friends are basically the entirety of my high school’s anime club. All of us are complete losers. And all of us depend on me to buy us our weekly dosage of anime. This week’s buy is going to be a big surprise. My friends start coming in around the normal time with assorted foods in hand. Matt’s a total dweeb and I believe he’s gay. Vicki (she calls herself Rei every now and then) thinks she is an otaku. Mike is really into yu-gi-oh cards and Gundam specialized model kits (the type that cost a lot and you have to paint them). Kelly is this girl I’ve got a crush on and she’s probably the sanest of us all. And last but not least, Daniel, who I hate and I wish he wasn’t here. He likes Kelly too and seems like a stalker to me. I can only guess what type of anime he likes to watch.

We all sit down after talking about whether or not Matt would turn gayer or a woman if we splashed him with water like in Ramna. I personally don’t like the show but Kelly does so I don’t diss it…. Much. After making some popcorn and grabbing the 12 pack of Sunkist Orange Soda I insert the DVD into the DVD player.
“So what do you have for us today,” Daniel says.
“Something a little special…. I found it on E-bay,” I say.
“Watch it just be a blank disk,” Mike says.
“I thought you were going to buy the next disk in the Wolf’s Rain series,” Kelly says.
“I was but when I saw this I knew that it I had to buy this. It’s called Anime Showdown and I think you will see why….”
I pull off the most sarcastic smile I can muster and turn the volume on the T.V up as the menu comes up with some strange Japanese song playing in the background. I think it was a T.M revolution one but one can never be too sure. I press play and…

WELCOME TO SUPER ANIME SHOWDOWN!!!! One day in the strange, yet very dangerous, future universe collide and people of many worlds collide into one world. These people were characters from… Adolescent Cartoon Programs!!!! *Dramatic music*

“Hello…” Goku screams out. He calls out into the forest of this new world and looks around hoping to see any sign of life. He starts to think that maybe he ate a bad mushroom but then realizes that Chi-Chi is allergic to mushrooms. He barely gets is head on as a giant metallic foot slams down in front of him.
“Zeon?” Amuro calls out of his Gundam’s cockpit. “Hey dude in the strange orange shirt…. Are you a Feddy or part of Zeon-Daikoun’s forces?”
“I’m Goku… from planet Earth. Am I dead?”
“I don’t know…. I was fighting my nemesis, Char, and I was falling. O YEA, I was pushing back Axis with Nu Gundam when a bright light spread over me. How in the Hell did I end up here.”
They didn’t get much time to talk though as a red motorcycle flew up through the air over Goku and Amuro. On the motorcycle a Japanese teen with a red jacket yelling, “TETSUO!!!” started firing his laser gun randomly. Landing just right next to Nu Gundam’s foot.
“Fuck! I lost Tetsuo. When I find that son of a bitch I’ll beat the ---- out of him. And what the Hell is an Akira. Just kept running toward that dumb stadium like he was on a mission from God. Fricking idiot. Taking too many pills…”
His rambling went on and on as Amuro jumped down from Nu’s cockpit. He went over to Goku and shook out his hand.
“Hi my name is Amuro.”
“Goku, nice to meet ya.”
“Hey, any of you seen Tetsuo… Wait a minute…. Where’s Tokyo???”

What did you think??? I'm going to introduce almost every anime series I can think of... Inuyasha, Big O, even Pokemon. It'll be a big big battle in the style of Battle Royale.
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Please continue
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