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AD&D players

I was just wondering how many people got into Record of Lodoss War because they had played D&D or AD&D? Or vice-versa? I have to admit that I got into AD&D because I had seen Lodoss War. Also, my friend used to run a Lodoss RPG. I still run games online from time to time. Though mmost people don't know the Lodoss RPG.
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I got into anime in 1979 after watching a load of giant robot shows in HK...,
I got into pen & paper AD&D in 1991..., my mates who played it were always having a good laugh.., & being a poor student at that time meant that RPG's were a good source of entertainment for a cheap night in...,
All my mates who role-played have seen Record of Lodoss War.., & whilst they think it's slightly cliched in places..., they feel that the series has got the essence of AD&D role-playing down very well...,
And yet more bollocks..,

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I first watched Record of Lodoss War as an accident; t'was a somewhat random buy. It's how I got the majority of my anime. Anyway, I were playing D&D before I watched RoLW - before I knew what anime was in fact.

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I picked up RoLW because I like the fantasy genre, and I had heard that it was a good fantasy anime.
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Eva Unit00
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I got it as one of the anime movie of the month club that Columbia house used to advertise on TV about 5 years ago. I put it in my vcr and said OMG I have to have the rest of these, they are just like AD&D. I had never seen a Fantasy anime up till then, I thought they were all about giant robots and such.
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I actually got into anime through my GM (former anyway, realised he sucks ). Lodoss was one of the first ones I saw though, right after Tenchi Muyo IIRC.
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