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Why didn't the others graduate?

moi! Discussions for the characters ne? more spoilers on the way. so great, utena revolutionized, she didn't fail like she said. she somehow did win and revolutionalize everybody gradually.

Touga and Saionji are friends again.
Nanami seems to accept her relationship with Touga. she isn't so bratty.
Shiori and Juri's ties seem to be mending because shiori seems to be finding a wayt o get close to juri now.
Miki and Kaoru also have become close. you see them often now.

yet... why are they still at ohtori? without Anthy, how are they going to 'revolutionize' themselves? are they still holding on to something that binds them in Ohtori?
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Well, unlike in the movie, Ohtori really exists in the series - it's a boarding school that Himemiya Akio took over for his own purposes (probably fairly recently, too, given the pretense he used for doing so), so it still functions as a normal school - especially since he's not interfering with everybody there, just a chosen few. The other major characters are returning to a more normal life, and being allowed to grow up in the absence of Anthy's influence; they just haven't passed Calculus yet.

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simple answer: their world's have not yet been revolutionised to the full unlike utena's and Anthy's, and by the means of "revolutionising themselves" i think what would happen is they would just grow up, it'll be like one day they were still bound to their childish dreams and fantasies and the next they are mature adults, but they cannot remember how the change came about
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