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Three re-tellings, or one ongoing story? (major spoilers)

You now, several years back when I first started watching the series, I didn't think much of it. In fact, I didn't really care much for it at all. But, after watching all of it, the movie, and reading as much of the manga that is currently released, I've come to find that I am quite smitten with it (if you can't tell by my constant usage of Utena-related avs or the fact that I at one point had my hair just like Utena in the movie...).

Anyway, the topic I wish to approach at this moment is the question "Are the manga, TV series, and movie simply three versions of the same story, or do they each go together to form one big picture?" This I ask myself, and would like it if some of you could reflect on this with me as well.

It could really be both. Depending on how you look at it. Think about it... Starting from the manga and working our way to the movie, the elements within each tale get more surreal...more dream-like...

I started to type out what I meant in detail, but it's after 4 AM and I have work in the morning. So, I shall save what I started and post it later. Until then, those who have read/watched Utena in all three forms, I want you to think on this and post ideas, theories, etc... C'mon, let's get some discussion going! ^_~
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The movie is a retelling of the entire series. The director said so in an interview. (he was asked why the movie was different from the series and he said he didn't want people to think the movie was a sequal)From my understanding the manga and the series were written at the same time but I could be wrong.

The series and the manga are similar but yet different. The series and the manga are about the same during the student council saga. After that the two stories become different. The characters in all three versions are different. In the manga, Juri is not a very nice person. The movie version has a different ending compared to the manga and the series. The manga and series endings are similar yet different.

In other words, all three tell the same story but in a different way.
(then there is the musical but let's not get into that)
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