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Berzerkers need love too, ya know

Is it me, or do you think orsen got a bum deal outta this series?

I mean, first the dude is stuck with some selfish and mouthy redhead chick who flirts with another guy RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. I mean SHeesh shiris...don't you know the meaning of the word TACT?

And then in the TV series, when he finally gets his emotions back, shiris is like.."shut up!" and gets all annoyed with the poor dude. Good NIGht! The man hasn't spoken for a million years don't you think he's entitled to a LITTLE SYMPATHTIC listening?


And then they go and kill him off in the worse way...again thanks to shiris.

Doncha agree??
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I always felt sorry for Orson, poor Orson. *sobs*.
I kinda hated seeing him die, concidering I found him being a kewl character, 'spesially as the cold heartless bastard ... at least he died like a true hero.
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Orson is just the type of character who gets the shaft. Its sorta a necessity to show that not all heroes get that happy ending.
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Orson in fact, was my favorite character *_*. . I hated Parn. . - -;; wish Deedlit didn't interupt the fight in the first ep. . wanted Orson to kick his arse. .

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I liked Orson in the TV show better than the OVAs. That thing where his puples shrunk and he started drooling and snarling, that was so COOL! It sucks that he got killed.
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Orson was a martyr of love...

And Shiris is an hypocrite!
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orson was by far the coolest character in the TV series..... well ...king kashyu was too (and yes. ..i know i spelled his name wrong....) ...but orson was the best
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I liked Orson too, especially in the tv series..his character was developed alot more. It was sad to see him go that way. I expected him to have a larger role in the whole story.
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Awh * * We love you Orson!

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Orson was great, but you have to admit that Gihm got a pretty bad part of the pie as well. What happened to him just sucked.
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