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Rune Soldiers...relation to Lodoss?

I've been looking into Rune Soldiers, known as Rune Soldier Louie in Japan, and its a fantasy comedy that is sort of imbetween Slayers and Lodoss War.

Now, I'm aware of the fact that Ryo Mizuno is responsible for this fantasy series, and that is a major reason why I want to see it. However, while reading some reviews from different people who have seen it (or at least part of it), I was told that while it is different in tone from Lodoss War (Comedic as opposed to serious), the story takes place in the Lodoss World.

By that I don't mean that this is a Lodoss Sequel, not even necessarily a spin off. But they said it takes place in the same Universum, I.E. it takes place on the same Planet as where Lodoss War took place (Forceria I believe its called).

Can anyone confirm if this is true?
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I think there`s a connection of some sort. Both include the wargod Myrii and are in the roughly same era. The drawing styles aren`t exactly similar and neither is the "realism", though.
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