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Crystania... huh?

Okay, I just watched Legend of Crystania, and I got the Lodoss reference, and I've only seen the first half of the second (alternate?) Lodoss War series. SO, should legend of Crystania make any friggin sense in relation to Lodoss War? And is it just me, or does that guy in the green cloak bear a frightening resemblance to Orson?
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After Ryo Mizuno wrote the original Seven Novels of Record of Lodoss War, he went on to write a number of short stories and spin off novels. One of these was a 4 Book Series called "Legend of Crystania."

These novels were planned to be adapted into a movie and a followup OVA series that would wrap up the story, but a number of problems occured during production. One of the head producers got arrested for some charges, the project came to a halt, and before long they were forced to rush production with a limited budget. The result is a series that is far too short to adequately tell the story present in the 4 novels and that is so rushed as to have great animation in some areas and poor animation in others.

Anyways, Legend of Crystania doesn't directly relate to Lodoss War. The "alternate" Lodoss War series you speak of, the TV series, is the ACTUAL Lodoss War, the way it was in the novels.


In which Ashram does not die, but changes his beliefs and instead decides to take his marmo citizens away from Lodoss for a new start somewhere else. The Crystania film takes place not long after this, with Ashram arriving at Crystania.

Crystania is the northern half of a two small connected continents (Connected like North and South America), of which the border between them, and indeed the entire shore around Crystania, is protected by a magical barrier. Ashram gave his body to the ancient God Barbos so that his people could enter Crystania.

It then will eventually jump centuries after Record of Lodoss War took place.

As for any other relations, well, it is known that Crystania is where many surviving gods from the Ancient War of the gods unknowingly fled. It was there that they took animal forms, an act that has led to the many shapeshifters present during the series.

Crystania, on the map of the planet Forceria, is placed in an area where the distance both west and east of Lodoss isn't much different. It is also located far south of the forbidden and lost islands.
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