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Arrow Utena = Car?

I've always wondered about the scene from Adolescence Mokoshiroku when Utena magically transforms herself into a car. What does that represent during the movie? Is there any metaphors behind this "transformation?"
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If you accept that the characters are trapped in the academy because of an event in their past, then Utena's transformation represents her friendship being the "vehicle" that allows Anthy to escape from her past (the unhealthy relationship with her brother and his subsequent death).

At least that's what I get out of it. It's been a while since I've watched it though.
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this should cover the entire movie for you, all taken apart to the smallest detail by me bekkichan and a few others
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I always felt it had something to do with the idea of having a reason and having true "drive" to escape a false coffin created for the sole purpose of escapism.

As Ikuhara himself also explained, it also put Utena's fate into Anthy's hands by making Utena dormant, almost like a sleeping beauty. In many cultures, a car itself represents maturity and wisdom (as well as a certain age), and that was what Utena transformed into to bring Anthy into the outside world.
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It represents a person's will and way to escape. Only those with a will to reach maturity were cars. Utena, Shiori, and Kozue became cars. All had a will to escape.
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