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Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay here!!!!
Rei Ayanami: "I wonder. Do you pilot Eva only for the praise of others?"
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Sara MacD
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Hidely-ho, Zidakey! Enjoy your stay here at AB!
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Hello and welcome

Have a nice stay! ^___^
'At the threshold of the soul, this is our loving call.
A gift of becoming, at peace renewed.
It is the story of us, of the glory of our longing and rising heart.'
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Kawaii Miko
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DAAAAAAAA! Crashes through the thread and runs into a brick wall

Owwie! That hurts...

Welcome to Animeboards! Please take your time to look around.

Edit: If I copied this same thing in some intro/newbie threads, I'm too lazy to type it out again and again
...NYA! :3
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*wavies all frantic like*
Hiya!! Welcome Animeboards. Hehe.
Look at all the pretty forums!
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*On behalf of Black Knight, who has been locked out of this forum*

Welcome to Anime Boards..........I'm sure he'll send you the customary gift basket in due time
Hey! What kind of party is this? There’s no booze and only one

My n00b=ADdispatcher
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Welcome to AB! Ask me anything, anytime and I'll do whatever I can for you!

(Check out my site, I'm making my own anime movie!

Catch DreamSeed Saga at
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