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Welcome to AB !
" Music is the language of the heart, the sound of the soul. The more we understand it, the deeper the listening experience becomes. "
Joe Satriani

" Music soothes even the savage beast "
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Hello and welcome to Anime!

Anyway, here's a gift basket for you becoming a new member It includes; A yogurt Launcher, A free coupon to eat at a Himalayas Restaurant for 5$ off, some shop-lifted skittles, A cat grooming brush, Some toe nail clippings, and this handy book of gross interpretation of the forum rules Enjoy!
Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki
Getting hit on AB is like an attack in my own home. Curse you BK, CURSE YOU!
"I am simply living life the way I see fit. Anything can go unpunished if done in the name of God. Convenient, is it not?"
-Bishop Oro
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Welcome to AB and enjoy your stay!
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3Magic Beans
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Hi There nd welcome!
because it's cool
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Larisha UDG
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hi, welcome welcome nice to meetcha! feel free to pop in to the sleep over in chit chat any time, its a fun happenin place and you can meet fun ppl too! we um do... fun stuff ^_^

btw... AB is great have fun.. and say no to crack ^_^...don't laugh i mean it
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Re: say hi to..

Originally posted by Uzi
say hi to...
I was expecting "my little friend", welcome anyways!
EĂAEĂEEE | koroshite yaru... koroshite yaru... koroshite yaru!
---- Blast the Wagner, death & destruction has arrived! ----
"Misato's cleavege is fan service. Shinji's man-goo is not." - Gundammi!

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Hi Uzi! Welcome and Enjoy! Post and You'll be Happy!
Married to my Sweet Melody!

(My Home) ;)
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AIYA! Welcome to AB! Have fun... And be good!
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Hiya, Uzi . Enjoy youself here, be warned though it's addictive here. j/k
When you have a Chibi-Cthulhu for a conscience, you tend to listen lest he waken the Great Cthulhu

3Magic Beans has my Ancient soul, traded for the Power of Hell ......Michigan :devil:
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Welcome to AB, good to see ya, enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to AB
:devil:The CFH...working for a better tomorrow since we can't remember yesterday.:devil:
Members of the CFH:RyuKenZ, the 6th Child, Professor Booty, Marius, Commander Fuyutsuki, Gundammi!, Hiigaran, TradeMark, EVA:unit-windom, Maguamaru, ProjectAkira

SMSATURN'S ARCH-ANGEL, of Death and Destruction also Kawaii_No_Miko's taste tester :D

With LIFE comes DEATH but also REBIRTH.
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Nice name. Enjoy your stay!
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