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John Faulkner
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Dear New Members

You may have noticed the dreadful amount of time it takes for your account to be activated. This is because of poor management by the owners and moderators of this website, which has drained the lifeblood of this messageboard (it's not all their fault because the current active members are equally backwards in injecting some life around here, with pure unmitigated s-hit that is hardly worth reading, but bear with me here).

If AnimeBoards (AB) was a patient, then the management team has set up a blockade which suffocates the patient by denying the entry of essential supplies. You can see they've taken some tips from Ehud Olmert (except there is no spectacular ground invasion to stir up the passions).

Thus, on behalf of the entire AB community, I express deep regrets for the feeble policies of this board and do not blame you at all for pissing off and posting elsewhere.

We humbly hope that, before you leave for new cyber-territories, you will post in this thread and tell us the reason why you are leaving. In particular, we are interested in how rubbish you perceive AnimeBoards to be.

With best regards from the AnimeBoards management team.
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Cleaned up thread and thanks John for taking time to post this thread
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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You should have started with the First Post ^^
Kill the Spiders to save the butterflies..............
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