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Ayashi no Ceres

Heya. . well. . . thought I'd see how support for an AnC forum would come along oo;

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*BIG GRIN* *jumps up and down* me loves AnC ^^;;;; it's my fave animé along with FY... but it's a pretty new animé, dunno if a lot of people seen it ^^;

but people, if you can access it, WATCH AYASHI NO CERES! ^^;;;;

it's so good.... it's about twin sis and bro, who on their b-day go to their grandpa's house and reaaaaaaaaaally strange things happen there ^^; (that part is so cool! *sweatdrop*) and then we discover that Aya (the twin sis) is a Tennyo. the whole story is based on a legend, in which a Tennyo would have landed on earth, and there would have get married and have children. her husband would have stolen her haragomo (her wings) from her, so she couldn't return to heaven. and she would have killed him and sworn her vengeance, and therefor been reborn in her family many times. Aya having the most pure Tennyo blood, the real Tennyo was reborn into helself... and there's that reeeeeeally cool bishounen, Touya *drools* and Aya and her bro Aki becomes enemies and it's a big fight with the Mikage family.... anyhoo, it's 24 AWESOME eps ^^;

I hope that made sense oO; anyhoo, that was my lil summary of it to get more people to watch that animé ^^; it's one of the greatest in my opinion ^^;
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I'm in the process of watching it right now... But I only have the first 13 episodes...

It's okay... The concept is pretty good but I kind of got bored with the story... Maybe I'll get into later when I have more time to take it seriously...

But I guess it could have it's own forum... There are already forums for series with less people who have seen them...
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