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Question Which did you prefer? The OVA/OAV or the TV series?

I love them both and cannot decide, I do enjoy the style they orignally used with faces before they looked more, realistic... It's bloody weird... But, which series did you enjoy?
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i havent seen the OVA, saddly but i am enjoying the TV series very well..its cute as far as the Mecha Genre goes..although i like the animation style of the movies a bit more...the character designs were alot crisper i should say ..

i esspically like the chibi mecha pics they put inbetween comercial breaks...they are just so darn cute ^.^

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I haven't seen the series, saddly. Though I did watch the OVA and the movie, which I had to say I liked the OVA more. Though I think both were in need of more action, but overall I love the Patlabor designs.
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