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Patlabor Movies !!

I have just seen 2 epsoides of Patlabor... It seems interesting. kinda like Gundam I suppose? Well, I don't really want to buy the series/download em' , is there a movie('s) that can,, err 'sum it alll up' or something? or is there? Because then i will buy it. ^_^
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The Patlabor series is more like the US cop TV series 'Hill Street Blues' with robots..., it's about the trials & tribulations of the Special Vehicle Divsion 2.., & combines the elements of drama, sci-fi, & comedy into one package..., I haven't seen all of the series (there is a TV series, & two OAV series I believe).., so I don't really know if the series has an on-going plot (aside from the Labor manufacturers' rivalries).., the show is episodic, & very much character based..,
I've seen the first two Patlabor movies.., they are not as light hearted as the TV/OAV series.., & neither of them re-cap/'sum up the story' of the TV/OAV series.., I don't know what the third movie is like, but I doubt that summarises the series either...,
And yet more bollocks..,

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The third movie is EVEN LESS connected to the series thatn the previous two. Basically it's a detective story about a mysterious biological weapon project that goes wrong.

The Patlabor team are eventually called in to give a little help, but total screen time must be all of 5 minutes.
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I stilll wana see it

But what the hey. I'll live with it.
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