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v1.10 beta patch

i'm kinda disapointed with the skills, espeicaly sorces, ama, and barbs, the patch seemed to only made the everything else stronger, i wish nova got a boost form other skills, my sorces lvl 1 lighting skills are all lvl 20 from items, nova , mastry and ts is lvl 40 hahaha, and it be intresting to see frost nova stronger too, i ddint see any items yet, u can only play singal player chars, which i got none of, maybe some one has a mroe developed singel player char adn can give a better opinion on this,
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I think you have to get to a really really high level to start seeing real differences

It was mostly Items and extra secret quests.

like the stone of jordan quests, and Traels (spelling)'s sword, etc.
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