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Hows about we instead throw rocks at whichever dickheads decided that the fans don't need LAN support.

Im getting so sick of this money grubbing bullshit ------- up all games. I've looked for a game for the 360 that isnt sport or FPS that 2 people can play together. There is jack all.
Even if you expand it to FPS is woefully inadequate.

Everything these days is "own 1 copy, play online". You can tell the ones making the decisions have never had to deal with the constant patching (mandatory for online play) or mismatching of talent. I realise that these days you do get automatic updates (360, steam, various launcher apps) but what if you dont want to play the latest version? If its amongst friends, they should have the control of what they play and where they play it without having to resort to false servers.
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