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I did a search... and it seems like no one has suggested it yet.

I've been reading the manga lately, and been watching the anime, and I figure why not... something that I've been getting really into and will prolly start to dive head first into everything else about it (sorta like what happened with me and Love Hina )... so yea...

Can we have a Naruto forum George?
Tell George you want a Naruto Forum!

I bid 30,000$ on Nairohe... and I've got the bruises to show for it. :lol:
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maybe eva2k will consider it when he finishes fixing up the next upgrade.
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Well there is an official thread of Naruto in the General and Other Anime Forum but nobody has really posted in there which is suprising considering Naruto is one of the top 10 Anime of 2003, maybe even top 5. I would love to see a Naruto forum the next time that forum suggestions come up.
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Yeah a Naruto forum would be good. Since gotwoot forum is down (probably for good) .... Yeah Naruto forum.
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