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The Anime Fan Art Network

Originally posted by Neil Creek

Hi folks, I'm Neil. I'm a friend of Nair's from way back. We worked together on the mascot for my old site Anime Imagery, Ami. Nair and I have been talking recently about a new idea we've had, and we'd like to get your thoughts, opinions and suggestions on it.

What's the idea? The Anime Fan Art Network

Basically the idea works something like this: A new web site is created called the Anime Fan Art Network (working title) that acts as a 'hub' for anime fan artists. At this hub is a massive gallery, a forum, a store, a tutorial archive etc. Members of the network have their own personal 'satelite' sites where they can have their own designs (or choose from templates we provide), biographies, web journals or whatever they like.

Members art work is all stored in the gigantic gallery, in organised categories. Forums will be created for the discussion of popular artists' work. A common front-end will be available for the purchase of prints of all art shown on the site, with the money going to the artist members, minus a small fee to the site.

Basically the site will be built to create a thriving community around anime fan art, generate a great deal of traffic and viewers for anime fan artists, and reduce the compe