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Ghost Recon

Anyone been playing Ghost Recon?

Recently I purchased it, and have been playing it co-operatively (and a bit of versus) with four of my friends online. It is IMO the most fun squad-based shooter out there right now.

Huge maps, with fully modeled forests, waist-deep swamps, cities, etc. THe atmosphere of the game is beyond anything I have ever played.
Sounds are just incredible, it takes advantage of EAX compatible sound cards, allowing for some of the most amazing reverb, echo, dampening effects for different scenarios. Not to mention ambient noises, like varying wind strengths, and wildlife.

Gun selection is a little smaller than I would have liked, there's probably only 7 different guns (with a variety of attachments), which is significantly less than what Rogue Spear and its add-ons had.

OH yeah - the trees blow in the wind, a really cool effect, but makes it hard to spot enemies. (harder, but incredibly cool)
Some missions have you taking out hostile tanks, artillery, SAM sites, etc.

For anyone who has enjoyed the Rainbow6/Rogue Spear line of games I can guarantee that you will enjoy Ghost Recon thoroughly. That is if you have a system powerful enough to run it (I'm running med-high detail on a 700Mhz Duron G2Mx - and pushing playable FPS ).

Anyone else played it? Comments...?
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Re: Ghost Recon

Originally posted by raymojo
Anyone been playing Ghost Recon?

Actually yes I have really been enjoying. The enviroments are amazing and I love the atmosphere of all the levels especially the ones that are foggy swamp.

Play one of those levels with a couple friends and the danger meter turned off. That is as close to a Green Beret you are going to get on a PC.

Also I noticed the lack of weapons, but realized that the type of combat does not really require that much variety. I mean when you are in the forest and sneaking around the extra stopping power of a ump over an mp5 is not going to make a difference.
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