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Help! I suck at math! (VB related)

I'm making an app in VB but I discovered my limitations in vector algebra.

The thing is that I'm using VB to create an app where you move a 'guy' across a space. Ok, the first coordinates of the movement vector are the center of the screen, for 1024*768 its (512;384). The second coordinates of the vector are where the mouse points on the screen (its a full screen app).

So, with some help I could get the angle of that vector, considering that angle as 0 when X=0 and Y=-1 (X=512;Y<384).

So when you press the "W" key, the 'guy' moves upward on the map (it doesn't actually move, what moves is the background). I inverted the processes so when you press "S" the 'guy' moves opposite to that.

But now I'm trying it to go left and right ("A" and "D" key presses). So I need to get a normal vector (I think that was the name), wich means, a vector that compared to the original movement vector, makes a 90 deg angle. So if the angle of the movement vector is 0, this new vector (unitary) when pressing "A" should have the following coordinates: (X=-1; Y=0).

Well, I can't seem to do that. I suck at using sin and cos functions, I suck at math in general, and can't seem to make this work! BTW, I'm using VB to do this. So, if you understood what I wrote here, and know VB, could you lend me a hand, please?

Eva resources en espaņol
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