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Paranoia Agent on NPR

As an avid listener of National Public Radio, I was kind of surprised to hear on Terry Gross's show Fresh Air a review for the anime series Paranoia Agent. I was surprised mostly because I'm more likely to hear about the latest David Sedaris book or some art house film not an anime series or to hear a review that was very positive.

Here's a link to the review for those interested.

It sounded really interesting and does anyone here recommend it?
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Heck yeah. I loved Paranoia Agent.

Of course, it did flounder about a bit in the middle, but it was still an awesome psychological anime. I'd highly recommend it.
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That's nice. But more importantly, where the hell is Paranoia Agent volume 4? It was supposed to come out today, but no stores had it. This makes me want to kill things.
Well, what can I say.
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WTH? Its licensed? Oops. I swear I didnt D/L it for me
GF wanted it.

I love the opening soundtrack combined with the images. Its so creepy and weird.
The series itself was like "WTH is going on!?". But not in a "this is ----" but rather a "I really hope I can figure it out soon..".

Id tell you my favourite quote from near the end, but it gives too much away. But for those who've seen the series, the quote is where he's talking about how pathetically lame the root of the problem/s is.

But overall, a pretty funky series. Reminded me of several anime, if I had to narrow it down.. Id combine "Boogiepop Phantom" with "Perfect Blue".
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