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Why doesn't Shampoo become all girl?

Ok if it is possible for Ranma to become a man by jumping into a pool of "drowned man" (even though it turns out not to exist anymore) why doesn't Shampoo just jump into the pool Ranma fell into and then she would not have the curse of being a Cat when splashed with cold water. Granted Ranma, Ranma's Dad, Ryoga, and Mousse (I'm guessing thats how its spelled) would still be out of luck but Shampoo would be fine.

But if the rest were to just go into the one Ranma fell into they all would just become a girl when hit by cold water and they wouldn't have to worry about be coming an animal that can't talk and in the case of Ryoga and Mousse they would not have to worry about becoming small animals who can't really defend themselves. Plus they could still talk lol.
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