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The Slayers Later Years Roleplay on Facebook

Hello everyone I have a Slayers rp going on Facebook it's called The Slayers Later Years it takes place after season 4 and 5 here are some of the characters that I have already : Lina,Naga,Gourry,Zelgadis,Amelia,Sylphiel,Prince Phil,Xellos,Filia and Pokota I need everyone that's not listed here .
Here's the link to my rp group going on
in order to join it you need to make an account on facebook for the character you want . For more information please contact me

Here are the characters that we need:Zelas,Dynast, Sherra,Flare Dragon Ceiphied,Christopher Saillune,Ellis,Hellmaster Fibrizo,Gav,Galev,Glavos,Jilas,Milgasia,Rezo,Valgav, Duplis, Inspector Wizer, and maybe some people from the movies and OAV's I allow Orginal characters to join us as well just make a character account
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