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Post the series and the movie

It has been really quiet at this board for the past month. It's a virtual ghost town.

Anyways, I was thinking what had the better ending the movie or the series.

(possible spoilers)

I liked both. The series ending was emotional and bittersweet.
The movie ending was happy and hopeful.
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It's kinda hard for me to say which ending was "better". They were so different, it's hard to put them next to each other and judge them on the same scale. Deep down, they did share some base similarities, but in terms of what you see on the surface they were very different. It's hard to explain what I mean without going into a huge spoiler-loaded analysis of each ending, and unfortunately I don't really have time to do that now... but... yeah.

If I had to pick a favorite based on the general impression the endings left on me - how they made me feel, how well they wrapped up/conformed to the storyline, etc. - I guess I'd pick the series ending. There was a lot more emotional and symbolic depth involved with that one, and I'm into that kinda thing.
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i could say the same but what intrigued me more was the manga ending, it finished with the black rose saga but if it did finish without it it would have been better than the movie or the series ending put together im not going to go into it either beause im way too lazy and there are too many spoilers to the manga in that section
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The movie I loved more. Utena and Anthy broke through to the outside world and maturity together.
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